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About me.


I was born in 1981 and I live in Sondrio, a small town in Italy in the middle of the Alps.

My journey with photography began gradually. Like many, I started taking simple photographs during my travels (the classic souvenir photos with compact analog and digital cameras) ­ but in 2012 there came a turning point.  I started photographing in black and white film with a fully manual analogue SLR from the 50s.
I took pictures with an external light meter and printed my photos in the darkroom with the tools that my in-laws had stored in their attic. After many rolls of film thrown away and as a completely self-taught photographer, I learned the basics of photography from mistakes.


My photography has evolved over time and has begun to include subjects, gestures and situations where people have become the protagonists. At first I didn’t know that it was street photography that I was actually doing! 
As a street photographer, the inspiration and motivation I get is from the unpredictability of my surroundings and the amazing results of what the camera is capable of capturing from common scenes that I had never given importance to. I cannot deny that a good part of my approach to street photography started with the photos taken of my daughter (born in 2016), often immortalised as a subject in particular contexts.

My photography is simply an authentic image that I see and want to capture through my camera.


Andrea Pozzoni Street Photography


2023-2021 Lensculture Street Awards Finalist

2022 Miami Street Photography Festival Finalist

2022 SPi Street Awards Finalist

2022 Life Framer Colors Winners Gallery


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